Welcome to Euthalia the home of beautiful wearable art

Welcome to Euthalia Designs! Bare with us in our construction process. In the meantime, browse and shop, and if you have any questions we encourage you to drop us a note.

Our original jewelry is handmade by our artist beginning with the exquisite lampwork glass beads through the glazed ceramic discs and hand hammered copper, brass, and silver accents. Each unique piece reflects tones, colors, and textures found in nature and can be worn with understated elegance everyday or for special occasions.

Our Aroma Therapy necklace collection features porous stone and ceramic clay discs which can be personalized with your own essential oils. Warmed against your skin, your necklace will carry your signature essence – calming, focusing , or energizing you throughout your day.

Our bracelets combine petit pearls, glass or stones woven into bands which can be double or triple wrapped around your wrist or unfurled as a necklace or choker. We use vintage buttons for closures.

Please visit our shop and gallery and imagine these lovely artisan pieces in your collection. Finely crafted with attention to detail.